Be Active Day - Dan zdravlja i aktivnosti

Pripremite se za Be Active Day uz Smart4Fit: Tri sportska eventa u Beogradu 23.9.

Uzbudljivi dani su pred nama jer se približava Be Active Day, a Smart4Fit, vaš partner u fitnessu i zdravom načinu života, pripremio je nešto posebno za svoje pratioce. U čast ovog važnog datuma, 23. septembra, organizujemo čak tri sjajna događaja u Beogradu, na kojima ćete moći da uživate ili učestvujete potpuno besplatno.  

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Challenge Training Night (Be Fit - Decathlon - Smart4Fit)

Is there something that can make you feel better than intensive fitness training?


Intensive fitness training with 23 other people on a rooftop, at night, with Smart4Fit.

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OCR FOR KIDS: with Smart4Fit

On a sunny day, the rooftop of Decathlon transformed into an arena of youthful energy as we hosted the OCR for Kids, on June 3rd. Guided by the experienced fitness mentor Dejan Halaj, the event focused on bringing fitness into the lives of young participants in an engaging and exciting way.

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S4FPro in action; Matija Petrovic (FK Radnicki Nis) in SmartReconditioning Lab

We had the opportunity to host this young athlete and their manager, and conduct a series of tests using our software and wearables.

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Smart Monitoring in use: Elevating fitness to Smart Fitness

It's been a while since our team had partnered with a prospective endeavour - Zona Zdravlja.

For two years we've collaborating successfully with a goal in mind - to help people reach their fitness goals and make them feel great about their journey.

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Technology Park Ljubljana - a presentation of fitness technologies

Company's CEO Dr Nenad Stojanović was invited to hold a presentation at the Technology Park Ljubljana.

While the event was educational, we used this opportunity to elaborate on possible future trends, gain feedback and show what we've been working on.

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Data Analytics Driven Personalization

The most common perception is that customization and personalization are one and the same thing. But in the era of the personal (big) data the term personalization has evolved and became something different. ​

While customization is tailored by subjective desires and that what seams most convenient to the user, personalization is more objective and data driven.

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Train smarter: know your target heart rate zone

You've probably heard of training according to heart rate. It's based on the idea that you can improve your fitness regimen by matching your intensity with the goals of a particular workout. You do this by determining your heart rate training zones, and then exercising in the zone that fits the goal you have for a particular session.

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Fitness data analytics as a service

Our methodology is based on the modern work in sports psychology and physical activity monitoring, enhanced with our work in fitness data analytics that leads to a novel combination (hybrid model) of well-defined, expert-driven and data-driven modeling.

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