Smart Monitoring in use: Elevating fitness to Smart Fitness

It's been a while since our team had partnered with a prospective endeavour - Zona Zdravlja.

For two years we've collaborating successfully with a goal in mind - to help people reach their fitness goals and make them feel great about their journey.

Smart Monitoring in use: Elevating fitness to Smart Fitness

Our team met Zona Zdravlja representatives at the Belfis 2019 event. They were presenting their service, which was primarily aimed at customers who were looking to dive into weight-loss and health-preservation regimes.

Zona Zdravlja's system was already intuitive and simple - they were providing equipment, video instructions and nutrition plans to their clientele. A sort of a 'fitness pack', everything you need to achieve your fitness goal from within the comfort of your home. However, it's when we explained what our technology can be used for that both teams realized that this was the collaboration opportunity where we would compliment each other.

Soon after, the discussion about including Smart Monitoring in Zona Zdravlja had begun.

Incorporating the monitoring technology in the already established model was not easy but it wasn't far too complex either, considering the experience our team has. We developed a new app which is now fundamental part of the value that Zona Zdravlja's customers receive.

Along with the heart-rate tracker and the app, we elevated the experience to a new level - not only could customers achieve their goals by working out, but they would now be able to track their progress based on their real results and be more motivated to stick to their regimes.

We achieve this by providing a variety of reports, primarily bi-weekly and monthly training reports to each customer. Reports include all the relevant information about training history, but also can be used as input to derive conclusions and communicate changes that need to be implemented for achieving results in a proper way.