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Leveraging our decade of expertise we've been reimagining fitness through innovative technology and digital solutions.

We use technology to empower you to take control of your fitness business through the use of digital tools and services.


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Monitor Heart Rate during the training

Real-time alarming and performance notifications

Reporting about trends, improvements, and comparisons

In-depth monitoring of Heart Rate and accelerometry stats

Fully customizable training experience

Focus on health fitness and extensive reports

Record and store training videos

Monitor trainings regardless of the location

Easy communication via an integrated (in-app) chat

What Our Clients Are Saying

See what our clients think of our products and services, and how they've helped them achieve their goals

Miloš Obrenović
Strength & conditioning specialist; Faculty of Sport (NSCA-CSCS; FMS 1.2; FCS; FISAF PT)

Sam naslov da ukaze na tehnologiju, koja je minimalna ili ti nedovoljna, pa se zato nalazi samo u sluzbi SMART analitike, koja je najvaznija i bez koje dzabe vam samo senzori", nasa analitika je kljuc dole navedenih podataka....Naravno, na ovu objavu treba nastaviti detaljnija pojasnjenja kroz sledece reklame i objave, sta od tehnologije koristimo za prikupljanje podataka (samo pristupacni senzori), a da je SMART analitika servis koji vam moze pruziti sve navedene podatke ( navedeno u objavi : sila, brzina, rad, snaga...) Sto se tice termina Analiza, modelovanje, komparacija....To se odnosi na sveobuhvatan proces " Modelovanje upravljanja i programiranja u sportu" sto podrazumeva nas projekat " Athletes smart reconditioning. Znaci, mi osim upotrebe analitike za dijagnostikovanje, koristimo podatke prikupljene pomocu senzora i tokom trenaznog procesa da bismo modelovali i upravljali treninzima. Jedan sveobuhvatan pristup. Prikupimo podatke, smart analitika izvuce sustinske podatke koje kompariramo sa drugim podacima vrhunskih sportista, i upotrebljavamo za kreiranje trenaznog procesa, kao i pracenje i kontrolisanje istog putem senzora ( analitike).

Mirko Miljanović
Personal & Online trainer

As an expert in biology and certified personal trainer, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and get them going on a healthier lifestyle and educate them. My approach to training and nutrition is from a science perspective. I am extremely glad to use the Smart4Fit Online and get all the parameters that I and my clients need to improve fast. It is excellent that I have complete control over my content and customize it to my clients’ needs at any moment.

Milan Đorđević
Fitness trainer

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