Technology Park Ljubljana - a presentation of fitness technologies

Company's CEO Dr Nenad Stojanović was invited to hold a presentation at the Technology Park Ljubljana.

While the event was educational, we used this opportunity to elaborate on possible future trends, gain feedback and show what we've been working on.

Technology Park Ljubljana - a presentation of fitness technologies

Our team was glad to have been able to join Nenad in a powerful display of what the future holds for all things fitness. Besides the fact that our company has been developing physical activity monitoring solutions for more than a decade, Nenad's expertise in areas such as data analytics and data interpretation was more than enough to impress the participants.

The reason for this is simple. When talking about monitoring in fitness most people will immediately relate - ultimately we live in time where a variety of tracking devices (i.e. smartwatches) are widely available and used. Yet, most people are indeed surprised when we explain the length and depth of our development process. Moreover, participants were even more surprised to hear that we're working on our own technology and that we're actually a software/data analytics company.

While the subject of the event was advancements in digitalization in fitness we didn't hesitate to show off. After all, while we recognize the importance of theory and projections of future trends in fitness, we used the opportunity to show how our systems work. Smart Monitoring technology, which encompasses data collection, analytics and interpretation, powers all our monitoring systems. Participants were able to see and experience this technology applied in a simulated training.

Whether it's something simple, such as real-time heart rate monitoring, or something complex as deriving a variety of stats and reports after a training session, our audience was engaged to see more. Simply put, they were able to see one of our monitoring systems in action, and they recognized its potential. Thus, while we used this moment to gain significant feedback, we also were more than happy to answer a variety of questions and hold a great educative session.

Please see a recorded interview with our CEO Nenad for an insight into our philosophy.