effective & accurate physical activity monitoring technology

data  collection

It all starts with collecting data. To make objective assessments and derive valid conclusions data input is absolutely necessary.

By using top-notch yet affordable wearable sensors we gather data from the workout or any other physical exercise.

Heart rate and accelerometry data are sufficient for observing full workout dynamics. Whether there's need to make corrections in real-time (via Smart Monitoring live tracking and alerting) or post-workout and after more complex analysis, collected data of each training will be stored and available to you at any time.

A post-workout Smart Monitoring report directly from the tracking app

data Analysis

Analytical methods we use are developed systematically, with both fitness expertise and (sensors) data processing. We provide detailed analysis for which fitness expertise is harmonized with mathematical and analytical algorithms and the most modern concepts of data processing.

By implementing this type of analysis a trainer or a club can track and evaluate a variety of parameters, such as stamina, quickness, agility, balance, or strength. Besides physiological attributes, it's possible to gain insight into overall fitness levels and motivation indicators, and review intervals spent in specific HR zones during the training. In the graph below we can observe a very balanced yet quite intensive workout in which the majority of the activity was within the anaerobic zone.

data interpretation

Our goal is to provide you with a service that will encompass all your needs.

Smart Monitoring already includes a proven set of parameters that provides the ability to determine:

effort in the training

training intensity

correctness of exercising (movements)

overall fitness level

It's up to you which parameter you want to monitor, with Smart Monitoring we'll do our best to make it possible.

We know that being able to make comparisons for different intervals, trainings, and exercises, for a single person or a group of people, is quite important. This is why we also provide services such as:

dual comparisons

group comparisons

ranking lists